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Thor Haven Farm

Northern Quebec Woman's Winter Hat

Northern Quebec Woman's Winter Hat

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 The Northern Quebec Woman's Winter Hat is inspired by our northern winters here in Quebec City.

 Staying warm on our cold northern days is easy with this winter hat.  

 Hand made with felted wool, hand woven sections and black fox fur, it also includes and felted wool liner.

 This toque will fit anyone with a 22 3/4" head, or smaller, depending on how low your want it to sit.  It will fit 23" or slightly larger depending if you want your ears covered. Hat is shown on a 22" mannequin head.

 Please contact us if you'd like a larger or smaller size.

**Note: felted wool will stretch slightly when the material is wet.  If you find it too tight, soak the toque and place it on your head till it starts to take the shape you want.**

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