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Rhubarb Seed

Rhubarb Seed

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Zone 3

Latin name
Rheum rhabarbarum

Common names: Rhubarb

French : Rhubarbe

Family: Polygonaceae




Plant type: Perennial

Habit: Tuft

Height: 0.5 to 1 m

Width: Up to 1 m at maturity.



Days to maturity: 3 years

Sowing:  Indoors in mid-April or directly in the garden after the last frost.

Depth: 1 cm

Germination: 14 to 30 days

Soil: Rich and deep.

Exposure:  Part-shade to sunny 

Planting: In the garden after any risk of frost.

Plant spacing: 1 m

Row spacing: 1 m

Watering:  Water in case of extreme heat

Care and other considerations: Requires very little care once planted. Try cutting off the flowering stem to stimulate more leaf development. Direct seeding gives lower germination rates than indoor seedlings.